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Recycle Arizona

About the Company - An informational Flash & HTML web site produced by nonprofit Environmental Education Exchange for the state of Arizona web site. Includes embedded QuickTime videos and Flash interface to educate users on recycling.

The WebHouse1616 Solution - WebHouse1616 felt the need to produce a web site solution that enabled users to easily navigate through an abundance of information and videos, yet have an interactive experience. With the guidance and input of the client, WebHouse1616 developed a Flash interface and separate pages that housed the QuickTime videos.

Customer Satisfaction - "What a refreshing change of pace! Working with WebHouse1616 has truly been a pleasure. They are extremely talented and clearly know web design and design tools. They are very professional in their workstyle and, keep meticulously to deadlines... something most folks in the web business have no respect for. These guys will go a long way in the web industry. They have talent and know how to run a customer oriented business. After six years of searching for a competent web design firm in Tucson I've finally found creativity and professionalism rolled into one."

Neil Boss Markowitz, Executive Director
Environmental Education Exchange

"Thank you very much for the careful attention you gave to our latest web site project. After some very negative experiences with other web design firms, working with WebHouse 1616 was like a breath of fresh air. Your staff were pleasant and professional, responsive to our needs, created and engaging web design, and completed the project in a timely manner."

Laura J. Key, Special Projects Manager
Environmental Education Exchange


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