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About the Company - UPRacing.com provides racers and race teams with premium products and superior service at competitive prices. The ultimate E-Commerce racers site with products from Sparco, MOMO, Alpine Stars and more.

The WebHouse1616 Solution - UPRacing was in need of an E-Commerce application that enabled them to add/modify/delete product without the need of a programmer. WebHouse1616 built UPR an application that enables the client to administer the entire site. The site includes part descriptions and pictures as well as secure ordering and contact info.

Customer Satisfaction - "Before getting in contact with Jim and his staff at WebHouse1616, we had made several misguided attempts to get our business online over the course of several years. We spent a good deal of money and way too much time, but our efforts lacked any direction so we never seemed to get what we wanted out of our web site. When we first got involved with WebHouse1616, we were pleasantly surprised right away by their ability to turn our ideas into concrete plans for a racer supply web site. Their people listened carefully, were realistic about what could and couldn't be done and got the site launched the way we wanted and right on time.

The WebHouse1616 staff has been responsive, helpful and professional. They have taken the time to help us plan out our visions for the web site, done research into the way competitive sites function and interface, and done a great job of making the web site easy for us to manage and administrate. We have had almost no problems with the site and the few minor issues that arose were handled quickly and efficiently by WebHouse1616. As a result, we've received excellent response to the site and the sales generated have been growing steadily since launch.

We currently have another project in the works with WebHouse1616 and have several other ideas for future web sites. There is no question that we will be dealing with WebHouse1616 for our e-commerce projects for the foreseeable future."

Peter Croke
Sales Manager


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